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"Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our Rethink • Retool • Reset Summer Conference. The feedback from our attendees is in and your closing keynote was an amazing success. In fact, the final verdict was: You knocked it out of the park!"

—Sally Smith, Executive Director, Alabama Association of School Boards

As one of the country's leading motivational speakers for teachers and educational leaders, Kent Julian entertains, educates, and equips audiences to create DREAM-to-DO cultures in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

From the moment Kent steps on stage, the audience realizes they're not in for the typical three points and a poem lecture. Passion, high energy, hilarious and inspiring stories, and wildly fun engagement are guaranteed.

In the midst of the laughter and learning, profound professional development and personal growth take place. That's because Kent not only teaches educational leaders the secrets of creating DREAM-to-DO cultures in their classrooms and schools — he shows them how to cultivate the same environment in their lives and families.

If you want an education keynote speaker who energizes your audience while sharing powerful strategies that can be used immediately, Kent is your guy. He is also the easiest motivational speakers for teachers and educators you have ever worked with.

If your audience of teachers and educational leaders wants to create DREAM-to-DO cultures in their classrooms, schools, and districts so all students have a chance to succeed...

If they want practical tools to equip students in how to take 100% responsibility for their actions and achievements...

If they love to laugh and learn at the same time...

If they are looking to get the best out of themselves, the educators they work with, and their students...

...Then Kent Julian is the speaker you are looking for!



"Kent Julian's presentation was motivational and filled with practical classroom leadership ideas I can successfully implement right now! I highly recommend that administrators and teachers listen to Kent Julian's DREAM-to-DO presentation. You'll definitely learn the difference between classroom management and classroom leadership!"

—Sylvia Castaneda, Administration, Roma High School

"Awesomely simple and completely true! Thank you for reminding me that it's all about the environment I cultivate.

—Susan Gatlin, Counselor, Terra Linda High School

"Great job of sharing classroom strategies that really work. For example, your 4 Fence Posts of 100 Percent Responsibility is so practical and real...not the run-of-the-mill strategies I've heard from other motivational speakers for educators. Keep sharing your strategies and telling your story—both are needed!

—Caren Floyd, Principal, Compton United

"Kent Julian's presentation was awesome! He uses amazing energy, information, stories, and humor to drive home all of his excellent points. He is so much more than the typical motivational speakers for teachers that we usually see at conferences (although he is extremely motivational). He really breaks down a teacher's job and helps us see how we can encourage outstanding performance in our students!"

—Meaghan Palmer, Teacher, G.W. Middle School

"Kent Julian is definitely one of the most dynamic and entertaining motivational speakers for teachers I've ever seen. He had our faculty fully engaged throughout his presentations. Numerous staff members commented that his presentation assisted them in focusing on the right things in the classroom (i.e. classroom leadership instead of classroom management). Many also said that Kent reminded them that the most important part of their job is to help students reach their potential both in education and life. Bottom line, the presentation included outstanding practical skills that faculty members can immediately utilize in assisting students to be successful!

—Kenney Wells, Principal, Berkmar Middle School

"Kent is one of the best motivational speakers for teachers and educators I've seen. His message at our Fall Kickoff event was outstanding!"

—Dr. Steve Flynt, Chief Academic Officer, Gwinnett County Public Schools

"UPLIFTING! I had the privilege of hearing Kent at a HOPE Education Conference that I attended, and he would be a tremendous education keynote speaker for the opening of a school year for any school or district!"

—Zoe Marcus, Principal, Oak Ridge Elementary

"Thank you for being so incredibly talented onstage and super easy to work with. For a Meeting Professional, you are truly one of the rare jewels out there as a speaker!

—Brenda Merkel, Presentation College

"Part stand-up comedian. Part dynamic story-teller. Totally-incredible motivational speaker for educators. Kent Julian is the master of inviting his audience on a journey of laughter, encouragement, intensity, and inspiration while communicating clearly that each of us as educators can be 100% responsible for our success in both life and leadership by living E+R=O!"

—Lisa Firestone, CTE Teacher

"Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our Rethink. Retool. Reset. Summer Conference. The feedback from our attendees is in and your closing keynote was a great success. In fact, the final verdict was: 'You knocked it out of the park!'"

—Sally Smith, Executive Director, Alabama Association of School Boards

"I LOVED the THAT DAY strategy!"

—Licci Moore, O. Garza Elementary

Most Requested Education Keynotes


Creating a Culture Where Students, Teachers, and School Leaders Perform at Their Highest Level

School leaders and teachers dream about seeing their schools championing student success in all areas of life — academics, personal life, family life, and preparation for the future. But seeing these goals become reality is more challenging than ever before.

This keynote focuses on how the culture you create, not the curriculum or standardized testing you use, plays the greatest role in improving student performance. Even better, creating a DREAM-to-DO culture can be implemented immediately and is the most cost-effective strategy for getting students, teachers, and school leaders to perform at their very highest levels!

Results & Benefits

In this keynote, you'll discover how to create a DREAM-to-DO culture in your school or district by:

  • Harnessing the power of "BIG is Little and Little is BIG"
  • Effectively transitioning from the old "classroom management" paradigm to a "classroom leadership" culture
  • Cultivating a learning environment that champions personal responsibility and achievement
  • Positively influencing students' actions, attitudes, and achievements
  • Capitalizing on "That Day" moments and using them as unforgettable learning experiences

(Available in 45-90 minutes and half-day options)

Show Up and SHINE!

How to Be an Amazing Teacher (Even if You're a Regular Person)

Most of us are regular people…average Joes and Janes with no royal pedigree or overly-dramatic life story. But this doesn’t mean we don’t have the capacity to be amazing educators who SHOW UP AND SHINE every day and truly make a difference in the lives of students!

Through lots of laughter and practical, common-sense ideas, Kent reveals what the best educators do differently from their colleagues. He takes teachers and leaders on a journey from “check out and whine” to SHOW UP AND SHINE and reminds them that it’s the teacher, not the curriculum, that matters most!

Results & Benefits

This keynote equips educational leaders and teachers with the mindset, motivation, and methods for exceptional teaching such as:

  • How to keep the #1 goal of education top of mind
  • How to use the #1 tool in education to positively shape the growth and development of students
  • How the #1 passion in education can inspire you to SHOW UP AND SHINE every day

(Available in 45-90 minutes and half-day options)

Most Requested Breakouts and Workshops

Bust YOUR Signature Move

Understanding Yourself, Your Staff, and Your Students

Ever wonder why some people understand you while others just stare at you like you’re from Mars? Amazingly, there is a very simple yet profound strategy that will help you understand and personally connect with every staff member and student in your school in just one week.

That’s right, just one week!

Every person has their own "signature move" — their unique personality and learning style. This workshop equips you to identify, understand, and connect with each signature move so that you can ensure success for all students. Even better, you’ll walk away from this workshop with all the tools you need to implement what you learn immediately!

Results & Benefits

This fun and engaging team-building workshop is guaranteed to put smiles on participants' faces while they learn how to:

  • Identify the 4 signature moves (i.e. personality styles)
  • Identify their own best signature move(s) so that they can play to their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses
  • Ask 2 simple questions to quickly identify other people's signature moves
  • Encourage and build others up in their signature moves

(Available in 45-90 minutes and half-day options)

Not Just Theory

Kent started out as an at-risk child with significant learning challenges.

Kent's strategies come from real-life. He started out as an at-risk child with significant learning challenges.

He couldn't read in third grade. When he reached high school, his SAT scores were so low that he had to take Development Studies after graduation just to get into college — on probation.

Yet, because of middle school and high school educators who created a DREAM-to-DO culture in his life, he went on from these humble beginnings to earn honors in both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. And before starting his own company, he worked for 20 years with youth as a swim coach and in the non-profit world, eventually leading him to become the executive director of a national youth association that helped teenagers just like him.

Kent's passion and expertise for creating DREAM-to-DO cultures come from both his personal life and professional life. As an at-risk student, this culture changed his life. As a leader, he has seen it change the lives of thousands of others.

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