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Keynote Speaker - Kent Julian - Professional Speaker - Getting the Best Out of Yourself and Your Team

Show Up and SHINE!

How to Get the Best Out of Yourself and Your Team

Show Up and SHINE


How to Get the Best Out of Yourself & Your Team

Organizations are NOT looking for people who just show up, just do their jobs, and are just satisfied with getting a paycheck. They want leaders and team members who show up and shine!

Is getting the best out of your people a reasonable expectation? ABSOLUTELY! And the truth is, your top talent wants to give their best every day.

Yet, it's no secret that finding and keeping the best talent is getting tougher. For instance, even though Gallup recently reported the highest level of engaged workers since 2000 at 34 percent (Gallup 2018 research), this still means that two-thirds of all workers don't feel engaged. Even more troubling, according to the same report, highly-talented employees who are not engaged have one of the highest turnover rates — on par with low-talent, disengaged employees.

In other words, if your best employees are not engaged, they are just as likely to leave as your employees who have performance issues and are unhappy.

Bottom line, this keynote is about making sure your best employees don't become someone else's!


Your Audience Will:

  • Develop the mindset and skills needed to attract and retain top talent while empowering them to increase their performance and productivity
  • Learn the 3 ingredients to high performance and job satisfaction for top talent
  • Identify leadership actions that help employees feel more connected to an organization
  • Discover the #1 high-performance tool that everyone has in their toolbox
  • Be entertained and inspired by relevant, customized, and often hilarious examples, case studies, and interaction


We spend a lot of time training our team and your ideas were spot on.

"Your keynote at our Annual Management Conference was EXCEPTIONAL! In our business, we spend a lot of time focusing on how little things make the biggest difference. Your Big is Little and Little is Big message was SPOT ON with the company culture we are trying to build! You helped our team see, in a new light, that service is our product.”

—Bill Sinclair, VP of Sales, PCC

Keynote Speaker - Kent Julian - DREAM to DO - CSP Speaker


Getting BIG Results from Your Team Without Burning Bridges

Creating a DREAM-to-DO Culture


Get BIG Results from Your Team Without Burning Bridges

Most leaders have big goals for their teams and organizations. But often, instead of achieving those dreams, they get stuck in dreamland. Each year the same goals get set, and each year the same goals go unmet.

Yet, when leadership cultivates the right environment, any team can move from DREAM to DO. That's because the environment you create determines the results you produce.


Your Audience Will:

  • Learn how to cultivate DREAM-to-DO leadership within themselves
  • Discover the "BIG is Little and Little is BIG" strategy in order to make small, strategic adjustments that lead to BIG results
  • Learn how to move themselves and their teams from a disempowering E=O mindset to the always-empowering E+R=O mindset
  • Be entertained and inspired by relevant, customized, and often hilarious examples, case studies, and interaction


Everything You Promised!

"Your keynote was amazing, and you delivered on EVERYTHING you promised! This is the first time in 15 conferences where our keynote speaker truly put in the effort from the very start to get to know our association and the challenges and opportunities we face. I know you speak to many groups, but you made us feel like we were the only one.
"And your DREAM-to-DO message on leadership and employee engagement definitely hit the mark with our attendees. It was the perfect way to kick-off our annual conference. In one of your first emails to me, you stated your goal was to set the standard for all keynote speakers we hire in the future. You did just that, and you set the bar SUPER-HIGH. Thank you for helping us make this one of our best conferences ever!"

—Becky Miller, Executive Director
Arizona Transit Association

Keynote Speaker - Kent Juilan - Your 1 Advantage - Motivational Keynote Speaker

Your 1% Advantage

Cultivating Resiliency and Success in Yourself and Those You Lead

Your 1% Advantage


Cultivating Resiliency and Success in Yourself and Those You Lead

Success isn’t the result of everything going your way. On the contrary, true success is experienced by those who are able to turn their greatest adversities into their greatest advantages.

To put it another way, in order to win in life, leadership, or business, you must learn to lead your life instead of letting life lead you.

This keynote explores key tools for developing resiliency, overcoming tough challenges, and stepping into your best self!


Your Audience Will:

  • Discover how to grow their courage and resiliency even if they're starting from scratch
  • Learn to master the 1% Advantage in their life and work in order to guarantee success no matter what obstacles stand in their way
  • Discover how to turn their greatest adversities into their greatest advantages
  • Be entertained and inspired by relevant, customized, and often hilarious examples, case studies, and interaction


The Only Thing We Would Have Changed...

"Thank you, Kent. We couldn’t have asked for a better closing speaker or a better addition to our association family! Your dedication to the team-culture strategies you shared is outstanding. And your caring for our association member went above and beyond.

All our attendees loved you and your engaging keynote. The only thing we would have changed is to make you the opening keynoter instead of our closing keynoter because of the way you would have set the tone for the conference. We look forward to a great future relationship with you in so many ways!"

—Bailey Horn, Practice Leader, Dallas Dentistry

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