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Meeting professionals and corporate clients love working with Kent Julian, CSP. Why?

  • Presentations are customized for the audience, including ideas and examples from attendees in the room.
  • Kent's presentations are witty, honest, visual, uplifting, and challenging. No boring lectures or reading off Powerpoint.
  • Kent uses plenty of humor. More subtle than in-your-face, it's sprinkled throughout his presentations, which means your attendees will laugh a lot while being stretched to think.
  • On-time, organized, and professional. Kent's there to serve you, not to have you serve him. He is "the easiest speaker in the world to work with."
  • Kent is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)


Kent has the same goal for every keynote presentation: to add so much value that his services become your standard of excellence for every speaker you hire in the future.

Personal Note from Kent

As a former executive director of a national association, I know finding the right speaker for your event isn't easy. I also know the "feel" of a conference often comes down to the quality of speakers you put on stage. If they are great, you look great. If they are just so-so, it makes your job much more difficult.

If you need a speaker who energizes and engages your audience, shares insightful and memorable content that can be acted on right away, and sprinkles playful humor throughout, I'm your guy. I'm also the easiest speaker in the world to work with.

⇒ If your audience needs to cultivate resiliency in themselves and the people they lead...

⇒ If they want practical tools to build results-based cultures without burning bridges...

⇒ If they are looking to get the best out of themselves and the people they lead...

...Then I'm the speaker you are looking for!

Kent Julian - CSP Speaker

Resources for Event Planners

Rider, introduction, bio, promotional pictures, and even a Speaker Comparison Checklist. Everything you need for your event.

Speaker Comparison Checklist

Speaker Comparision Chart

This resource will help you decide which speaker(s) is the best fit for your event.


Kent Julian's Rider

Since Kent is the easiest speaker in the world to work with, his Rider is simple and straightforward.


Kent Julian's Introduction

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Kent Julian's Bio

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Promotional Pictures

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