As an employee-engagement keynote speaker, I'm privileged to share ideas from the stage about how organizations can create DREAM-to-DO cultures. Additionally, when I'm speaking at a conference, I get to rub shoulders with other leaders from all across the nation. In fact, if I were to drop a few names, you'd probably be somewhat impressed.

But honestly, the leaders I've learned the most from are not the ones with NYT best-sellers or gigantic platforms. Even though you wouldn't recognize their names or faces, they are achieving phenomenal results. Every day they show up and shine for their teams, and in return, their teams show up and shine for them.

Here are 5 tips I've learned from these leaders about what it takes to show up and shine. I hope these strategies help you as much as they've helped me.

5 Tips to Show Up and Shine as a Leader

Tip #1 — Lead with Attitude

Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you choose to respond to it (E+R=O). For leaders, this means you have to take 100 percent ownership of your own attitude before trying to positively influence the attitudes of others.

Tip #2 — Lead by Listening

Some leaders suck the oxygen out of every room they enter. They mistakenly confuse "show up and shine" with "show up and overshadow, monopolize, and dominate." Great leaders, however, realize that one of the best ways to show up and shine is by encouraging others to share ideas. Instead of pointing the light at themselves, they shine the light on others by authentically listening. 

Tip #3 — Lead with Words

“Leading by listening” (Tip #2) does not mean you never speak. Great leaders also use words to paint the picture of what a DREAM-to-DO culture would look like within their organization. Then they help team members see their role in that vision.

Tip #4 — Lead in Relationships

Show-up-and-shine leaders don’t focus exclusively on goals and tasks. Goals and tasks are important, but so are people. In fact, the best leaders realize people are more important than goals and tasks because no organization moves from DREAM to DO without great people.  

Tip #5 — Lead by Example

As Mark Sanborn, author of the Fred Factor 2* says, "We are responsible for living in a way that shows others who we truly are and what we believe." This means that as a leader, what you believe in is evidenced more by the steps you take than by the words you say. People are watching you. They see whether you choose to show up and shine or check out and whine. Great leaders are mindful of this and strive to consistently walk their talk.

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