5 Minute Student Leadership Motivators

How to Motivate Your Student Leadership Team in 5 Minutes or Less

Can you imagine charging your smartphone in as little as 5 minutes? Sound impossible? StoreDot has already developed this kind of technology!

In the same way, can you imagine recharging your student leadership team in as little as 5 minutes? Sound impossible? Here are three "technologies" available to you as a CTSO, 4-H, Student Council, or Key Club advisor that will give your state officers and student leadership teams a positive boost in five minutes or less.

5-Minute Motivates for Student Leadership Teams

1. RECONNECT to the Bigger Picture. It's hard for any leader, even energetic student leaders, to stay motivated in the midst of mundane, day-to-day leadership activities. That's why they need to regularly reconnect with your organization's bigger purpose. In other words, they need to relate "what" they are doing with "why" they are doing it.

  • 5-Minute Action You Can Take: Every time you talk with student leaders, whether it's one-on-one or in a group setting, take five minutes to make sure they understand the association between what they are doing and the purpose of your organization. Don't assume they understand; help them bridge the gap.

This is one of the easiest and best ways to keep a student leadership team motivated. When they win...celebrate! And do more than the token shout out, make it a BIG deal. Why? Because it is a BIG deal!

  • 5-Minute Action You Can Take: Purchase a box filled with noisemakers and pass them out at the beginning of your next meeting. Ask students to share leadership wins from the past month. As they share, lead your team in making some noise and celebrating! Afterward, go the extra mile and send handwritten notes to students who shared their wins to let them know how proud you are of them.

3. REJOICE in Rejection.
If you've worked with student leaders for longer than a nanosecond, you know they hear their fair share of no's. "No" to meeting invitations. "No" to their ideas. Even "no" to moving on to the next level of competitive events.  Have you stopped to consider that you've learned a few things about hearing "no" that most students don't understand yet? For instance, within every "no" there are clues that can move leaders closer to a "yes" next time. Can you imagine the growth your student leaders will experience if they learn this one lesson?!

  • 5-Minute Action You Can Take: This action is counterintuitive and will take some guts on your part. Announce that you are holding a contest to see which student leader can hear the most no's to an invitation to your next event. Make the reward for winning the contest big, like a $50 gift certificate. What I've discovered through this little experiment in the past is that the person who wins the reward for the most rejections usually also wins the reward for the most people attending with him or her.

Feature image credit: Syda_Productions